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Saturday, 21 June 2014



A wireless connection to send signals can be received by anyone who is close. It always better to be safe than worry. So following are some tips to improve the security of wireless network:
  • Change the password on your router. All routers come with preset service identifiers.
  • The simplest is to give key to your network wirelessly. It is better to use the WAP protocol if available. Any key will increase network security.
  • Set up a filter MAC. This feature is not so powerful as it may seem. Hackers and their software programs can fake MAC addresses easily.
  • In Wi-Fi networking, the wireless access point or router typically broadcasts the network name (SSID) over the air at regular intervals. This feature was designed for businesses and mobile hotspots where Wi-Fi clients may roam in and out of range.
  • Do Not Auto-Connect to Open Wi-Fi Networks, connecting to an open Wi-Fi network such as a free wireless hotspot or your neighbor's router exposes your computer to security risks.

    Modern network routers contain built-in firewall capability, but the option also exists to disable them. Ensure that your router's firewall is turned on. Use wireless security software. Whether you're an individual or a corporation, this software has many benefits. The ultimate in wireless security measures, shutting down your network will most certainly prevent outside hackers from breaking in! While impractical to turn off and on the devices frequently, at least consider doing so during travel or extended periods offline.

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